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100+ Black Women-Owned Businesses For You To Support 

June 5, 2020 in Beauty - No Comments - 4 min read
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It’s time to support black women owned businesses! It’s no secret that black people are hurting right now. It all started with colonialism. Then slavery aka the capitalism off of black lives in America in 1619. Then after Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement, appropriation of black culture by fashion brands and nonblack people in general. Mind you, all throughout this is the murder of black lives and the intentional disparities in the economic, social and political systems to continue to set them back.

Not to start this on a negative note but time and time again, black people have been seen as less than. Time and time again, white supremacy has shaped the playing field to be an uphill battle for black people. Time and time again, black people are murdered and no matter how hard we fight for equal rights and justice for the lives lost, the justice system continues to fails us.

No wonder black people are fed up. The deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd this past month are the string that broke the camel’s back. All over America, people are finally waking up and seeing the hardships that black people face every single day. There have been peaceful protests, riots, looting and even more police brutality with no end in sight. It’s exhausting and painful to see black businesses get affected during this time.

As a black woman, I can’t help but to feel overwhelmed and helpless. I want to stay in the know and educate myself about the past but it’s emotionally and mentally draining. I’m constantly trying to balance between staying informed and taking a break to make sure that I’m okay when I already know I’m not and honestly, I’m not sure when I ever will be. Unlike nonblack people, I can’t go about my day like nothing is going on.

The inner conflict is real and for the past week, I have been brainstorming on ways to support my people during this time. As a black woman who is building a women empowerment brand, I feel compelled to uplift and shed light on black woman owned business during this tough time so this blog post will be just that. It is so important to be mindful about where you spend your money. Vote with your dollar!

I know that this pandemic has really made a lot of people open their eyes to the fact that these big corporations do not value their employees as much as they value their consumer. They also don’t care to hide the fact that they care less about black people too. During this Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve seen how much theses brands and corporations really care about standing up and doing their part to promote change. Most rather be silent and continue to send their daily marketing emails about a sale or social media post about their products.

It’s honestly been disappointing to say the least. I can imagine that you feel conflicted about what to say and how to do your part but a big thing you can do is be intentional about who you support. Money is power so let’s start there.

Money makes the world go round and it is the foundation of a capitalist country like America. I know in this climate, you may be financially tight but if you can, please support. If you need to put together a new skincare routine, find the right products for your hair, want to buy wardrobe staples, or want to transition to natural feminine care products for your menstruation, this list has it all and then some!


Black Women In Hair

Mielle Organics
Camille Rose Naturals
Grace Eleyae
Alikay Naturals
Organigrow Hair Co.
Heat Free® Hair Extensions
Pattern Beauty
Melanin Haircare™

Jane Carter Solutions
EDEN BodyWorks
Taliah Waajid
Design Essentials
Kinky Curly
Miss Jessie’s
Karen’s Body Beautiful
OYIN Handmade

Taura Amore Collections
Blended Beauty
Inhairitance CurlCare
Sheena’s Haircare
Up North Naturals Inc.


Black Women In Makeup

Fenty Beauty
Pat McGrath Labs
Coloured Raine Cosmetics
Mented Cosmetics
Beauty Bakerie
ICU Glam

Juvia’s Place
The Lip Bar
Uoma Beauty
Lena Lashes
KA’OIR Cosmetics
Danessa Myricks Beauty
The Crayon Case

Black Women In Skincare/Bodycare

Oui the People
Honey Pot
Black Girl Sunscreen
Organic Bath Co.
Beneath Your Mask
Raw Skin Co.
ROSE Ingleton MD Skincare
Sweet Cookie Wash
Ase Naturals
Jade & Fox Co.

Moonx Cosmetics
Cream & Coco Skincare, Inc.
London Ivy™️ Natural & Organic

Honeycat Cosmetics

Black Women In Nails

People Of Color Beauty
Pear Nova
Triple O Nail Polish

Black Women In Fashion

Sorella Boutique
Nicole Lynel The Label
Babes and Felines
The Bombchel Factory
Pantora Bridal
Milano di Rouge
Girl Plus God
Girl CEO
LAPP The Brand
Nubian Skin
Cee Cee’s Closet
Lisa Renā Designs
Eva Luxury
Panache Clothing Boutique
Desire By Denise
Akosua Apparel
LaHannah’s Collection

Jolie Noire
Something By Sonjia
Chris ZOË
Atira Lyons Label

Black Women In Fitness

Chanel Delisser
Body By Daniella
Fangboner Farms
Nekisha Taneil
Aktive Fitness

Alyssa Marie Body


bellsebobofitness/Annabelle Hayes Fitness

Morgan Dawson Fitness

Black Women In Marketing

The Six Figure Chick
Girl CEO
MEFeater Magazine
Elizabeth A. Richardson

The Event Twins

Black Women In Fragrance

Bright Black Candles
Seventh and Oak

Dear Sunday


Black Spiritual Women

Auset Eyowaku
The Hood Healer
Jezebel Darlings

The Queen Po

Black Women In Literature

Adorned by Chi

So that’s it. That’s 90 black women owned businesses for you to support right now. If you need a quick template to save, click here for the one I made for the She 3.0 Instagram that started it all. Feel free to add any more in the comments below. There’s never too many and if we all support, we will all win!


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