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My CCC Coaching Program

Feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed and stuck? 

It would be my pleasure to be your Accountability Coach ! 


In my three month accountability coaching program, you will gain the confidence, clarity, and consistency needed to live your life to its fullest potential. 


I provide the support needed to dismantle your limiting beliefs, clarify your goals and set up structure to break them down into approachable, actionable and trackable steps for guaranteed results.

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Hi! I'm Shantel and Your New Accountability Coach!

Are you tired of living an unfulfilled life? Do you believe that you deserve more but just don't know where to start? Do you often daydream about the person you could be? The life you could have? The abundance of positivity, confidence, impact and success you could achieve? Do you struggle with not knowing, loving or believing in yourself enough to make your dreams a reality?

If You Screamed "YES!" To Any Or All Of These Questions, This Accountability Coaching Program Is For You!

Maybe You've Already Tried.....

In My Accountability Coaching Program, You Will Be Able To:

  • Know and love who you are

  • Know what exactly what you want out of life and hold yourself accountable for achieving those things

  • Build a positive, strong and independent mindset 

  • Have a clear, approachable plan to execute and achieve your dreams

  • Confidently contribute value to the world

  • Stop running away from the parts of yourself you may not like

  • Not let your past define you 

  • Beat self-doubt and get out of your own way

  • Not get affected by the actions and opinions of others

  • Feel empowered to conquer any obstacle in your way

  • Be you unapologetically 

But Why Should You Choose Me To Be Your Accountability Coach?

I’ve been through it all! If you’re read any of my blog posts on confidence, you’ll see that I’ve struggled with:

  • The anxiety when I thought about my life,

  • The depression when I felt stuck,

  • The insecurities about not feeling good enough, and

  • The stress of trying to please everyone but myself.

I was stuck on:
  • Allowing the opinions, projections and actions of others affect me,

  • Not putting myself first,

  • All the mistakes & regrets I let define me,

  • Settling because I didn’t even know where to begin.

I was so tired of:
  • Being on the constant cycle of getting inspired, starting, stopping. Then getting inspired, starting, and stopping again.

  • Not giving myself space to dream big enough,

  • Constantly being misunderstood,

  • Being intimidated by my goals,

  • Not having or using my own voice.

FOR 13 YEARS, I was stuck and felt defeated. Sometimes I’ve even accepted defeat but one day I said no! I started to hold myself accountable by buckling down and taking back control of my life! Through hard work, focus, and giving myself the permission to try and make mistakes, I came out better on the other side. It wasn’t until long that I realized that I was the person I was always looking for to empower me.

You gotta trust me!

Anyone who knows me personally, knows what a free spirit I am. My personality has gotten me into the most rarest but teachable situations and I’ll share them all with you. 

In 3 Months, I Promise To...

  1. Help you DISCOVER and LOVE a side of yourself that you never knew existed !
  2. Become a person your past self would be proud of and your future self will be cheering on!

By the end of the program,

  1. You’ll be out of your cocoon and TRANSFORMING into who you’ve always wanted to be and CONFIDENTLY going after what you want in this life !
  2. You’ll have CLEAR DIRECTION on how to create a life you deserve and FULFILLS YOU !
  3. Have the ability to EMPOWER YOURSELF and BE ACCOUNTABLE along the way!
  4. Have the CONFIDENCE, CLARITY, and CONSISTENCY to always bet on yourself even when the unexpected gets thrown your way!

My motto in life is “You’ll always be a work in progress AND complete at the same time.” 

Once you accept that you deserve more and COMMIT to That Belief, you’ll be shocked at all the possibilities The Universe will show you.

Take the first step to your personal empowerment journey !

I am so excited for you ! It’s super easy and FREE! All you have to do is book a call with me with whatever time works for you. 

In the video call, I’m getting to know you- your background, current struggles, mindset and the results you want to achieve from coaching to determine if we are a right fit. 

So let’s get started ! 

About Me

About Me

Hi Empress! I show women the endless opportunities to be themselves by empowering them to embrace and grow from their shared experiences through vulnerability and community. I help you accept that you'll always be a work in progress and complete at the same time so you can take back power over your life and reach your full potential!


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