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Affordable Websites To Shop For Clothes

April 4, 2019 in Fashion, Personal Style - 4 min read
I feel like there are three kinds of shoppers out there:
The frugal shopper: if everything can be bought cheaper, it will be. Is most likely the diy girl.
The smart shopper: you’re balling on a budget but that doesn’t compromise your style.
The impulsive shopper: you want it, you got it. *cue 7 Rings*
Regardless of how much money you have, where and when you shop is the most important. Here are some of my personal favorite places to shop online that are affordable with great quality clothes that won’t have you breaking the bank.
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-This website is the best if you like to go through pages and pages of clothes and shoes.
-They also have specific ranges for your body shape and type like ASOS Curve and Plus Size, Maternity, Petite and Small. Say goodbye to alterations !
-The ASOS Marketplace is a great place to shop over 700+ boutiques if you like vintage
-They now carry makeup and skincare brands like Benefit, Nyx Professional Makeup, and Yes To. Talk about multitasking !
-If you need some inspo, check out the ASOS Magazine to see new items and get an idea on how to style them. Or ASOS Insider to see how people in the industry work their style into new trends. Or ECO Edit which focuses on sustainable fashion and brands that value it.
-Another good part is that they carry countless brands and even have exclusive launches
-Don’t forget free shipping and returns !
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Fashion Nova

-The fastest fast fashion brand in social media
-They are always the first to drop styles for the hottest trends
-You can find any style you want or seen somewhere else but replicated for cheaper (is known to copy off of other designers)
-Always have coupons so you can save even more money
-Looking for clothes for a male in your life? Check out Fashion Nova Men
-They are known for their Coco-bottled, Instagram baddie models that look perfect and can give anyone insecurity. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to how the clothes fit them but rather look at the size chart to find out what size would work best for you ! Most of their clothes are bodycon and made of a stretchy material. You choose what kind of fit you want. Go up a size if you want to have room.
-An important con is that they don’t offer free returns and you won’t get your money back the same way you spent it. The only option is a gift card. I mean from a business standpoint, I can’t blame them but I’m sure you can find another item you’ll like to try.

Missguided/Pretty Little Thing

-The UK versions of Fashion Nova
-Because of the location, shipping will take longer than most or no last minute shopping here
-They sell mainly the same trendy things
-Something to keep in mind is the sizing. Being a UK brand, they run a bit smaller than the standard US sizes. Take a look at their size chart on their page to gage what size you will be in their clothes
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Miss Lola formerly known as Lola Shoetique

-Curated by social media influencer herself Laura Mellado, you can guarantee that you’ll get your Instagram worthy pieces on there.
-She even models them herself every single day to show you how the pieces move and fit on the body.
-She’s also just opened her FOURTH brick and mortar store and always has giveaways for her followers on Instagram to thank them for their constant support.

Babes and Felines

-Founded by the self made girl boss Ciera Rogers
-Her clothes are made with the curvy girl in mind and “inspired by real women of all shades and sizes”
-Comfortable bodycon flattering pieces to dress up or down
-Sophisticated style


-If you want a breath of fresh air when it comes to your style and wardrobe, I highly recommend this Japanese brand.
-I love Uniqlo because they offer the most simplest silhouettes and basics that you can use to put together any outfit plus their prices are affordable
-They collaborate with artists for collections frequently
-They are also very environmentally conscious and participate and found organizations that help impoverished areas improve


-Recently I ditched H&M for Zara and haven’t looked back since. I’m not sure why it has taken me this long but I am so happy about not having to give up good quality clothes for a better price.
-Zara is still on trend without hefty price tag or less quality clothes
Sorella Boutique
-Founded by power couple Heather Sander and her boyfriend, T-Rell with only $500, they have hustled and grown their business to be successful
-Here you’ll find everything that you’ll possibly need to be that chick on the scene
-As a fellow black entrepreneur, I support because it’s black owned

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