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How To Layer AND Look Cute

January 31, 2019 in Fashion, Personal Style - 4 min read
Being a native New Yorker means that I am used to all four seasons. Like all. I’m not kidding. Though winter may feel like it lasts one full year and summer feels like two months instead of three and fall and spring just do their own thing, it’s hard to really keep track of what to wear. Personally, I feel like dressing for the cold is harder because you can’t just throw on anything as opposed to warm weather when you can. There has to be a method to the madness and like I said earlier, I was born and raised here so I think after 25 years, I’ve kinda mastered it if I do say so myself and I’m here to help ! This is how I stay warm without sacrificing my style in these six steps. Though we are finally transitioning to spring, this guide is even more helpful !
Step 1. Base
Now this is the foundation of any outfit (other than your bra and panties. I think that’s a given but just making sure). If you don’t do this, you’re already setting yourself up for failure. It’s also the easiest part because no one will see it and it goes with everything so there’s no brainwork involved. A great base on top is a during the winter is a turtleneck. A great base on the bottom is leggings and tights. In the springtime, it can be a cami. I always stick with neutral colors for this step just in case.
Step 2. Tops
After your cami and/or turtleneck, the world is your oyster. Sometimes I pair my cami with an oversized cardigan or an oversized, thick turtleneck and I’m good. Or you can wear a thinner turtleneck with a blazer for a more put together look. You can even wear a dressy top over a cami and then put a light jacket over that and pair that with a thicker coat.
Step 3. Bottoms
After you put leggings and/or tights that we discussed earlier, you’re pretty much set. Unless it’s warm spring weather where you might not even need a base. You cannot mess up this part- pants/jeans or skirts. Obviously pants would be the most practical but being girls, skirt days just can’t go away. When that happens, I recommend definitely doing the legging and tights combo and tall boots so less skin is exposed but you still look cute.
Step 4. Outerwear
I can still remember clearly the ugly coats I wore from childhood until I could buy my own or have a say in which ones I liked. I know my family more cared about me being warm and less about me looking cute for sure. If they saw how I dressed in college when I went out with my friends during the weekends in the winter in upstate New York, they would probably have a heart attack. Now I know better and care about looking cute on top of being warm. I’m grown and smart now ! There are so many options. The trendiest one being a teddy coat- long and cozy like a teddy bear. Then there’s your standard pea coat. Trench coats and parkas are great for layering when it’s not freezing. There’s also puffers that give you that extra cushion in a stylish way. Pick your poison !
Step 5. Footwear
We all know the standard Uggs is the uniform for almost everyone. You can already see them as soon as the temperature drops below 50 degrees. People just can’t wait ! Would you believe me if I said I never owned a pair ? It’s true but I still am warm. With the leggings and tights come the tall socks. The taller the better and if you’re wearing tights already, it’s like you’re putting on a second sock so your layering game is on point ! After socks you can go with over the knee boots or even thigh highs. You choose what kind of heels you wanna go with. I don’t judge and if you’re going the sneaker route, ankle socks won’t do cause no one likes when that cold air gets in. Going to work you can bring your heels with you. Same with going out partying until you’re ubering it.
Step 6. Oh ! Accessories !
This step takes your style and comfort to the next level. For one, everyone must have a few circle scarfs in their wardrobe. They’re chunky, vary in color and patterns and some are so big that you can wrap your neck around twice and still have some left over for your head. Next are gloves. I know in age of social media and the internet in general, we need to be on our phones 24/7 so now there are gloves for that with finger padding to use your phone without frostbite. Still cold ? Put some hand warmers in there (GAME CHANGER). Lastly, a hat is important too unless it’s first day hair but a slouchy beanie, fitted beanie, a pom pom fuzzy hat all look cute.
After these steps, I think you’re set. I hope this helped and if you have any more tips, let me know ! Stay warm and cute !

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