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The 10 Things You Need In Your Health And Wellness Journey

July 24, 2020 in Health & Wellness - No Comments - 8 min read
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Happy July Empress! Let’s talk about some health and wellness! But first, can we talk about the fact that we’re more than halfway through summer!? I know time flies but with the global pandemic still happening, I feel like time stood still and flew by at the same time. How does that even make sense!?

For obvious reasons, we associate summer with being at the peak of our physical health. The more the temperature goes up, the more we feel like the less clothes, the better. Am I right? And of course you want to make sure that you look good in that less. I actually spoke about the pressure of being summer body ready in this post but let’s be honest, it’s more mental than physical.

Body dysmorphia is real and isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It is a mental disorder where an individual cannot help but to nitpick every flaw and insecurity they have until it consumes their thoughts and holds them back from living a happy life. Fortunately, I have good news! It’s never too late to change the way you look at yourself! How do you do that? By changing the way you feel about yourself! And how do you do that? By making sure that you are making your health and wellness a priority!

What does “health and wellness” exactly? I’m not just talking about your physical health. That’s a given and I actually spoke about that is more detail in this post. However, in this case we’re focusing on health and wellness because when you master this, everything else will flow effortlessly. The term “health and wellness” emcompasses a lot of things but in plain terms it’s the practice of minding your mind, nurturing your body and taking the time out to get to know what happiness means to you. It’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle where your physical, mental, and social well-being are not only balanced but thriving.

It can all be so simple but is it really? No matter how much you think you’ve got it together, we all have things that we can work on. Though I know life gets busy and we all go through tough times, I am urging you to make your health and wellness a priority. It is the foundation of everything because when you aren’t feeling your best, you aren’t looking your best or doing your best and you deserve to live a life of abundance! So here are my ten things you need in your health and wellness journey to be the best you can be:


This is one of the best hidden gems out there. Who knew what a game charger just being in silence was? I mean, I’m an introvert so I’ve always enjoyed my own company but even then, I’m often preoccupied by my thoughts and whatever else I’m doing. Plus if you’re a productivity junkie like me, you feel like if you aren’t doing something, you aren’t making the most out of your time. Then you start to feel anxious or even guilty when you try to relax. Let me tell you girl, we’re stopping that today! Meditation is perfect for anyone who wants a peace of mind. For anyone who just wants to stop and breathe! Sometimes life can get overwhelming and you feel like you’re suffocating. Meditation is for anyone who wants to stop and come up to the surface for a breather.

Like I said, I’m not an expert at this but after a few weeks, I have already felt such a positive shift in my energy. So much that I felt the need to write this blog post and share. There’s so many different types of mediation. From sitting cross-legged to laying down to chanting to guided to visualization to crystal work to many more. There’s bound to be one for you so look into it. It’ll change your life!

Your Own Homemade Vision Board

Speaking of visualization, vision boards are a great thing to do if you want to have a positive impact on your health and wellness journey. Did you make scrapbooks when you were a child? Or a collages of cutouts from a fashion magazine when you were a teenager? Or a Pinterest board of inspiration? You know that feeling you get when you look or even think about it. You’re probably feeling it right now. It’s full of inspiration and happiness. It’s a way of bringing your dreams, goals and inspirations from the mental plane to the physical. It’s also a way of manifesting the life you want if you’re intentional about it. There’s so many ways to make one but as long as it’s personal and motivates you, you’re doing the right thing.


I love journaling! I spoke in depth about the benefits of journaling your journey in this blog post but long story short, it’s one of my favorite ways to organize my thoughts, reflect on what I really feel and find out why. It’s vulnerable, honest and so therapeutic. You’ve ever felt like you had a buildup of frustration, confusion, resentment, anger, sadness? Like you are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode? I’m telling you. The healthiest way to release all of that gunk is on paper. by doing that, you can get to the source of why you feel like that in the first place. If you need some help with starting, check out these journal prompts below!

A Water Bottle BFF

This one is probably self explanatory but I must be honest, I know and I still struggle with drinking enough water everyday. Did you know that your body is up to 60% water!? And even then, it’s still a must to drink avoid dehydration. Most medical professionals advise that you drink 8 liters, or eight 8-ounce glasses.

I’m no medical professional but can we all agree that we can drink more? Yes? Yes! Pick a goal that’s realistic and approachable and increase it regularly once you hit it. I love this motivational one* I got from Amazon. I’ve never been excited to drink water until I got it. You can even trick yourself to drink more by infusing it with fruit. Do whatever works for you but drink more!

Workout Mat

Staying active is one of the key players in optimal emotional, mental and physical health. You should be active at least three to five times a week so it’s a no brainer that everyone needs a workout/yoga mat to put in that work! There are so many. They range from size to thickness to material preference to colors and prints! If you are looking for an affordable, no fuss, beginner friendly, thick enough to support your joints mat, I recommend ones from Gaiam.


Alexa, play “Long Walk” by Jill Scott or “Get Me Bodied” by Beyonce. It’s time to get moving and you can’t do this kind of moving in heels! Sneakers are a must for your health and wellness journey because they keep you active and give your feet the support it needs to support you! This is another category with so much variety. You’re bound to find one for you.

Colorful Food

I’m not talking about confetti cake or those cool looking alcoholic drink. I’m talking about fruits and vegetables! It’s no surprise that you are what you eat so why not eat food that fuels and nurtures you instead of food that doesn’t? I promise you, you will feel the difference once you start eating more food that provides the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly and make you live a long and happy life. You can juice them or eat them.

Meal Prep Containers

Since we’re talking about food, let’s talk about this pro tip- meal prepping! Do you make healthier choices when you’re hungry or when you’re not? We’ve all gone to the supermarket and left with more food than we need. We’ve all gone out to eat starving and end up eating way too much. When you’re hungry, you are prone to not make the best choices because you either want something quick (which is usually processed food), something sweet (because your insulin is low) or just eat too much. These are all bad situations to be in but meal prepping changes that because it solves the hunger issue because you made the meal in advance!

You can pick one day out of the week to meal prep and if you don’t like eating the same thing over and over, you can opt for making two different meals to alternate with. There’s always a way and if you need some containers to put your food in, I highly recommend these glass meal prepping ones*. They are perfect for portion control, bpa free, dishwasher and microwave safe, have an airtight lid to prevent leaking, and come with a compartment for your utensils! I raved about these on my personal Instagram Page a few weeks ago and have been in love with them ever since!


This one’s self explanatory. No matter how clean you eat, you still need to take your multivitamins every single day. The supplements can literally make or break your health and wellness journey. They contain different vitamins and minerals that are vital to your physical health because they aid in reproduction, maintenance, growth, and regulation of bodily processes. They may also contain herbs, amino acids, and fatty acids. However, please keep in mind that not all multivitamins are made the same. Please ask your physician what brand and dosage will work best for you before you spend your hard earned money on any.

6-8 Hours Of Sleep

Who doesn’t love to sleep? It’s not called beauty sleep for no reason! But seriously, it is crucial for your body to have enough time to rest and prepare you to conquer the next day. Your digestive system needs it. Your skin needs it. You need it. Point black period. There’s only so much coffee you can drink. When it comes to your health and wellness journey, sleep is definitely not something you can shortcut because it will catch up to you. You’ll feel it and end up asking yourself if staying up was really worth it.

Those are the ten things you need in your health and wellness journey. Everything is approachable, affordable and rely on consistency. Though they are simple, I know you won’t be able to incorporate all of them as soon as you finishing reading this post. However, I hope it empowers you to be in the best shape emotionally and mentally so you can have a great physical life.

A great way to start is to pick one to focus on every week or month and stay dedicated until it becomes a part of your daily routine effortlessly. Whenever you feel overwhelmed remember that you’re doing this for you. Remember that you deserve to live a life where you know and love who you are and becoming a better person everyday. i am wishing you the best on your health and wellness journey. You got this Empress!

*Disclaimer: some of these links are affiliate lists and I will make a commission if you choose to purchase using it.


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