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Embracing The Good And Bad Of

The Female Experience


3 being the number of completion and fulfillment- heaven, earth, and waters. Body, soul and spirit, She 3.0 is a place where a girl's life comes full circle. 


She'll learn how to feel her best from the inside out through acceptance, expression and talking about the hard stuff.


She'll find her voice and realize she has to face a lot of things about her past that is holding her back. 


In addition to freeing herself from the societal exceptions of how a female should live her life and breaking the limiting beliefs she picked up along the way from people and her own obstacles.


“Through She 3.0, 

-Shantel, Founder of She 3.0

I show girls the endless opportunities to be themselves by empowering women to embrace and grow from their shared experiences. By accepting that they'll always be a work in progress and complete at the same time, they empower themselves by taking back power over their lives. They will love themselves knowing that they're never alone and inspire each other in the process.”

What Will She 3.0 Give You?


 New content EVERY WEEK on everything us girls face from

  • self doubt,

  • self discovery and

  • self development


Personal storytelling in an unfiltered and transparent way you won't see anywhere else


  • To keep going when life gets hard 

  • My favorite skincare, makeup, hair and fashion tips 


  • A place where you can to be 100% yourself 

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About Me

About Me

Hi Empress! I show women the endless opportunities to be themselves by empowering them to embrace and grow from their shared experiences through vulnerability and community. I help you accept that you'll always be a work in progress and complete at the same time so you can take back power over your life and reach your full potential!


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