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How Weed Changed My Life For The Better

I’m writing this sober. I haven’t smoked in over two months so that says a lot. I am not writing this to pressure or even convince you to smoke marijuana. Or to condone abusive use of it at all. I know there is a HUGE stigma when it comes to marijuana and as a result, it’s becoming kind of taboo when all it is is a natural plant minding its own business. All I ask is for you to read this from beginning to end with an open mind and heart. I look forward to the discussion it will bring.

A Short History of Marijuana

Cannabis, or marijuana refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant. The main psychoactive part of cannabis that gets you high is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of 483 known compounds in the plant, including at least 65 other cannabinoids. The two main strains are sativa and indica. There are many different ways to get high- a bowl, bong, papers, joints, blunts, vaporizers, tea, and edibles. Now smoking marijuana resin (also known as dabbing) is becoming more popular and can be done through hash or honey oil, a gooey liquidwax or budder & mdsh, a soft solid with a texture like lip balmshatter, a hard, amber-colored solid. The resin is the most pure extraction of THC and should only be used by experienced smokers. However, human beings have been smoking marijuana since the beginning of time. In some cultures, unlike western, they look up to the plant as sacred, with holiness and the ability of divine intervention. Religious figures in the Hindu and Rastafari cultures and shamans have ceremonies in hopes of reaching enlightenment on the world and how they should live their lives.

My History With Marijuana

When it comes to smoking, I was a late bloomer meaning that I started my freshman year of college. That’s when I smoked for the first time. Ever. While all my friends have been smoking since their freshman year of high school or even middle school. Before college, I too had this false belief that marijuana was this crazy drug that made you act crazy and did all these harmful things to your body. As a result, I was afraid of it because my judgement was based off of society and what it tells us to think of it. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t naive. I knew what weed was, what it looked like and smelt like. I knew people who smoked it but I never saw myself as someone who would.
Well never say never right ? I don’t know what pushed me to give it a try but I decided to one day when I was visiting my friends in their dorm community. They had a suite so they had more room to indulge in activities without the paranoia of bringing attention to themselves and getting caught. Plus it was college so yeah. I remember smoking my friend’s bowl a few times, chillin with them for a while and then going back to my dorm thinking I was so high. Boy was I wrong ! It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I found out how it really was like to be high when I ate an edible brownie on a night out. I strongly suggest you not eat an edible until you are an experienced smoker because edibles are unpredictable when it comes to how much they will affect you and when the effects will start hitting ! Let’s just say I learned the hard way. This post isn’t about that night though but let me know if you’d like that story. It’s pretty hilarious and terrifying at the same time haha.
Ironically enough, that bad experience did not steer me away from marijuana. Throughout my college career I smoked heavily, ate more edibles and overtime I learned that marijuana was here to help not harm. I got over the paranoid phase and the overthinking phase and realized that I actually felt more like myself when I was high. I won’t lie to you. Some highs were very intense but with a good group of friends, I got through it and learned my biggest life lesson yet- to trust myself.
For me, weed gives me the opportunity to really think about life and who I am. It has forced me to think about situations that I’ve mentally pushed aside. To address how they made me feel, find out why I felt that way and come up with solutions to overcome it. It’s helped me in friendships, situationships and even class work when I was in a rut. I’ve written papers high and gotten A’s on them all. I’ve done presentations in front of an entire class of people high and done well. I’ve run an executive board meetings high and was productive and on schedule. I’ve had situations with friends that I’ve mentally blocked out but would smoke and get clarity. There would be a guy I liked but just didn’t feel right about deep down and I would smoke and have to face that he just wasn’t the guy for me. I would have made a mistake, smoked, faced myself and forgave myself. It helped me spin everything on its head. Evaluate, believe in myself and grow. It made me feel powerful because I wasn’t afraid or gave in. I didn’t lose control. I gained it.
Because I wasn’t afraid, I didn’t use marijuana as a crutch so I didn’t abuse it. I even educated myself on it even more. I learned that there were two main types- sativa and indica. Sativa mainly gives a light and airy high that could be enjoyed during the day while indica was a more heavy body high that was good if you had trouble sleeping for example. However, I know how easy it is to get into the routine of feeling like you need it if you aren’t careful. Indica in general makes you feel pretty chill. Some may say lazy. Most of the time too chill if you let it and before you know it, hours go by and then the whole day.
For me, marijuana was an addition to my life but it wasn’t my life. Honestly, the biggest battle I had with marijuana was the inevitable munchies and spending my meal plan money halfway before the semester even ended. But if I was going to smoke and knew I had things to get done, I would promise myself to smoke and then get to work and I pride myself on that. I had friends who I could easily waste away with without any judgement but I always knew that’s not who I wanted to be. Well not during the week haha. I was still a college girl but I was responsible. I knew I had homework to do, material to study, goals to achieve, deadlines to meet and time doesn’t wait on anyone. This is where I understand the stigma of marijuana comes from and believe that you can be addicted to weed. But it’s all about self control.
My family members found out that I smoked in different ways individually and when they did it was always in a natural and respectful way because I respect and love each and every one of them. I would never blatantly smoke right in their face. No matter how comfortable I was smoking. I may be high around them without them knowing but like I said, I would smoke and then life went on. When they found out, as expected they would say how bad marijuana was and how I was damaging my body and how they smoked it before and some crazy thing happened to them. Respectfully, I would tell them that I appreciate the concern but I got this covered. That Mary Jane is my friend and has helped me overcome my depression, anxiety, and self doubt. That it made me become the confident young woman I am today. I would even hit them with an example of when I was high around them and they didn’t even know to prove that it isn’t some crazy drug problem they think it is. Most importantly, I would tell them that I take it upon myself to take breaks months at a time to reset my body.
I’m sharing this to help someone out there to open your mind to the possibility of breaking down the psychological barriers that society has placed on you all these years without you even knowing it. Think for yourself and understand the positives that come with this natural plant and the ways that it can revolutionize the way we help each other and treat illnesses. If you’re reading this and struggling with addiction, I pray that you can sweep the fogginess away and get the clarity you need to get back control on your life. If you’re reading this and enjoy smoking to smoke, let me know your favorite strain !
Peace and love,

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