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Instagram Audits

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Do you want to grow your social media presence but struggling with solidifying your brand identity and who your ideal follower/client is? Then my Instagram Audits are for you!

Since starting my own brand in 2019, I’ve found a new love for creating a consistent brand identity online and now I am helping other solopreneurs do the same with my Instagram Audits!!

Having a strong brand identity lays the foundation for everything you want your brand to be. When you do this correctly, you become clear on:

  • what your brand stands for,
  • who your ideal client/follower is, and
  • what value you are providing them.

You ultimately set yourself up for the infamous KNOW, LIKE, TRUST funnel that builds a blossoming relationship and turns strangers to followers to clients/customers!

Like I mentioned in my brand blog post, there are people out there who are stuck, feel alone and need your unique gift to get them to the next step in their life. While some may not even know what the next step is. No gift or step is too small to be overlooked.

Here is where you come in to provide that value and in exchange you get fulfilled in your purpose as you empower others to do the same. That sounds like a win-win to me!

What Is An Instagram Audit?

It’s when I take a look at your Instagram account to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Then I put together a new and improved game plan for you to build a strong brand identity online so you can attract the right people that align and eventually turn your brand to a thriving, lucrative business!
It will include:

  • Brand Aesthetic- color, font, and tone
  • Brand Pillars- what you stand for, what you offer and how you add value to your audience
  • Instagram Story Templates- to keep your audience engaged and get to know you on a more personal level
  • Instagram Post Template- so you can create content that resonates and encourages the reader to take action (liking, commenting, sharing, clicking your link, going to your website, etc.)
  • Hashtag strategy- to increase reach and impressions and thus making,d your content evergreen
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But Why Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now. In June 2018, Instagram reached one billion active users so you can only imagine how many there are two years later in 2020. That means that you will have access to MILLIONS. No BILLIONS of people around the world and with access comes building connections with people who share the same interests as you. Regardless of our skin color, ethnicity or religion, we are all experiencing life and longing for something more.

Let me also remind you that Instagram is free! With all the features that Instagram provides and are constantly updating, the opportunities are endless to find your people, provide value and grow on the platform.

When you start to realize that you can optimize and monetize on Instagram, you move from a regular account to an business. As a brand, you can take advantage of this to reach, connect and engage in ways that you never have before but only if you are intentional about it!

Who Is The Best Type Of Person/Account To Do An Audit?

You are eligible for an Instagram audit if you…

  • Believe that your content can help others (entertain, inform, inspire or encourage)
  • Are ready and willing to put in the effort to make your content better
  • Care more about having an engaged following instead of the number of followers you have 
  • Want to achieve the monumental stage of transitioning from a brand to a business by selling a product or service to your audience

When Is The Best Time For Me To Get An Instagram Audit?

Better now than later! But you know when you…

  • Are tired of trying to wrap your head about who your audience is
  • Are overwhelmed about what kind of content to make
  • Are tired of spending so much time creating content and still being stagnant
  • You want to have a specific plan for your growth goals
  • You’re also tired of wasting time trying to figure it out yourself
  • You aren’t afraid of self promotion
  • You’re ready to elevate your life 

I’m Ready To Step Up My Brand Strategy On Instagram! Where Do I Sign Up!?

I amm thrilled! Click here to fill out the consult form so I can get to know you, your brand and your goals better! Once you complete the form, I will reach out to you via email to schedule a time for us to discuss it more in depth. 

If you seem like a good fit for an audit, you will pay a one-time payment. When your payment is received and processed, please give me 5-7 business days to complete your Instagram Audit.

About Me

About Me

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