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Let’s Talk About Masturbation!

April 4, 2019 in Self-Care & Unwind, Sex, The Tough Stuff - 3 min read
YES ! You read that right ! Masturbation girl and here is why you shouldn’t feel embarrassed by it- it’s a part of self discovery. If you don’t know yourself, how can you know who you are ? What you what out of life ? Or in this case, what you want out of someone else? That’s the only way it can be embarrassing. If you’re having all this sex with other people and none with yourself. Take some time out to get to know you. When you masturbate, it’s precious “me” time to give yourself the gift of pleasure aka climax that only you can give you ! It’s a beautiful experience that you should take part in regularly to get in tune with yourself and there’s many ways to go about it.
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The great thing about being a female is that our bodies are beautifully created and full of magic. We have all these curves in all different shapes and sizes that make us goddesses. When it comes to the sexual part of ourselves, different body parts connects with us in different ways. It creates this arousal arouse and sensual pleasure through sensitivity. Once you find out which one of those your body likes, they will open your eyes to your body and what it can do. You will be amazed to see how much of a difference you feel when you give her a little extra attention.
A lot of people neglect the ears and I don’t get why. Maybe they’ve never had someone whisper sweet nothings in their ear during foreplay but girl are you missing out. It’s a bit different during masturbation though but ears do carry a bit of sensitivity. If that’s not your jam, it’s okay.
This one is a given. With a partner the possibilities are endless but by yourself the mouth can be used as a verbal expression of masturbation. Sometimes my own moans, grunts, and words turn me on. It’s also a good supplier to make “things” more wet.
Made to be an organ for the anticipation of your children, you can have fun with your breasts in the meantime. I’ve spoken to girls who get off from them being touched as well as girls who are indifferent about it. Personally, I’m only turned on by them right before my period when they’re extra sensitive. Not in a way that they hurt but it gives me a sensation that I feel within myself that usually initiates me to start masturbation.
Inner Thigh
Between the thighs is a place where I like to call the “happy place” and for good reason. It’s like your body knows that you’re close to the “holy place” so it gives you this sensitivity right before you get there to prepare you for the holy climax you’re bout to have.
The most sensitive part of the female body, it’s pretty self explanatory why with all the nerve endings in it. Most women can orgasm from clit stimulation alone. Many women have described climaxing as an “experience” that’s hard to put into words. Sometimes all you need is to rub it a few times to get where you need to be. There are toys specifically made to go on the clit providing a sensation that is out of this world causing you in climax within minutes.
Vaginal Penetration
The most common way to go because it’s the easiest. Most women don’t get off unless they are being penetrated and that’s when didos come in handy.
So as you can see, there are many ways to go about having that special time with your body.
Everyone is different and you won’t know what works for you unless you try. Let me know if you like topics like this and would like more posts in this area (i.e. the top toys every girl should have, my virginity story, etc.) ! I would love to but only want to post content you guys want to see.

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