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The Best Lip Glosses Out Right Now !

March 19, 2019 in Beauty, Makeup - 2 min read
*cue Lil Mama’s “Lip Gloss*
Aren’t you glad gloss is back? They can be the instant pop to a glam day or the quick final step to a no makeup day. Regardless, you need at least one with you at all times. Just in case. Here are my top four favorites !
I mean the name speaks for itself AND it is 100% true AND it’s Rihanna. I have seen this gloss on girls from fair to deep dark skin complexions and it looks flawless on all of them. This gloss definitely makes your lips glossy with a tint of color and glitter. It’s barely noticeable but gives that “your lips but better” look at the same time. The formula is not sticky and actually moisturizing.
Another no brainer because of the price and the “plumping” properties in its formula. If you haven’t experienced that before, it is a tingly sensation that you will feel once you’ve applied the gloss on your lips. It only last about 3 seconds revealing plump and juicy lips. These also come in other colors. I seriously use them by themselves most of the time.
If you haven’t heard of these, you must be living under a rock but I’m here to put you on. This is another popular NYX product that gives you pigment and shine all at an affordable price. With over 29 shades, you can mix and match any color you’d like to complete any look imaginable.
This gloss is so hyped up but is worth it. It gives your lips that glassy look without the glitter and makes you look like you just ate some good oily fried chicken but in a good way. Infused with Vitamin E, it nourishes your lips as well. I’ve heard people rave about this.
Sound off in the comments ! What’s your favorite lipgloss? Is it one of these ? Are you even a gloss girl ? Why or why not ?

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