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My Favorite Fitness Girls on Social Media

March 24, 2019 in Being Healthy, The Tough Stuff - 6 min read
It’s April already. It’ll be May soon and before you know it, summer is here. You probably want to get in shape this summer but for some reason haven’t started yet. A big factor for most people is not knowing how. The fitness world can be overwhelming especially with so many factors into play like: do you work out at home or at the gym, how often do you work out, do you lift weights, what is your goal body, do you want to lose fat or gain muscle, do you take pre workout, what protein powder do you use, how do you recover from a workout, are you eating enough calories, how often are you eating, do you count your macros, practice intermittent fasting, do you do cardio, want to try something new ? I know girl. It’s a lot and I can definitely relate.
The good thing about social media is that you’re never alone. You can find “your people” so easy. There’s all these different realms in the social mediasphere to get into to find people who are interested in the same thing that you are. Or in some cases, just as confused. Nevertheless at the exact place you are. You’re never alone. You can find inspiration even easier. For me, I love following people I admire (not idolize) to get familiar with their journey to see what worked for them and try it out for myself by adding it to my routine.
I’m not saying there’s an easy way out, you definitely have to put in the work but these girls have helped me so much when it came to starting, being motivated, staying consistent and ultimately customizing my own routine. No one person does the same exact combination of workouts as the other or eat the same exact thing. That is why each girl helped me in a different way. However, I don’t following them to the T. Especially since I am vegetarian. Following them gives me a guide to get similar results. Here are my favorite fitness girls on social media that I recommend you follow. If you’re a beginner, most have websites and workout apps that you can follow to a T if you really need the structure.
This was the first girl that got me into working out period. I was active on and off for about two years in college and her workout calendars made it so easy because they’re so approachable. I still follow it them to this day. I highly recommend them ! It’s free, every day is a different focus but it’ll be consistent for that month. It comes in a downloadable pdf or linkable version where each workout corresponds to a video she previously made on her YouTube channel. She’s the countdown type vs reps kind of girl if that is important to you. She even gives variations of the moves to help you get the most out of your workout no matter what level you’re currently at. Her style is more HIIT (high intense interval training) with a mix of Pilates so be ready to sweat and be sore the next day. I admire her most because of her high energy, positivity and relatable spirit. She’s also a boss because she created this Blogilates empire where her and her team create all this amazing content and apparel to help you transform your life. Casey has her famous specialized PIIT Reset Program on the Blogilates website and the Blogilates app.
If you want a real ass chick, Jazmin is the girl for you. I found Jazmin on YouTube when she uploaded this video about her anxiety that blew up. Since then she’s shared her progress with dealing with her anxiety and depression and makes beauty videos as well. If you are the type of girl who wants to crack the code of achieving gains and get a fat ass like Jazmin who is known for always saying was her motivation, you should follow her ! If you’re looking for a girl who is transparent and hella relatable, Jazmin is the girl for you.
I might be a bit biased because this is one of my dearest friends and I am so proud of her. In the past year, I have watched her grow her page from the bottom up with such a big passion for helping others. She is consistently developing content for her Instagram followers to prove that you can be a successful business woman in your industry and still prioritize your health and wellness. Having a track and field background definitely has helped her on her fitness journey but she’s another one to me who has cracked the code of maximizing her workouts to gain, define and tone her muscles. I even got to witness her compete as a bikini competitor at a bodybuilding competition last summer ! Against hundreds of other girls with more experience than her, she won novice bikini class D and 3rd place open class F ! Her transformation posts will definitely inspire you. Currently, she is a personal trainer helping her clients one on one and has held classes in NYC and California.
This cutie patootie is one is my faves because just look at her. She has a small waist, broad hips and a lifted round booty. Basically the coveted IG girl body but it’s all natural. I’ve been following her for a while now and have seen her grow into the person she is today. She has grown her brand to be super successful and motivate so many girls (over a million now!) to workout by just being herself. Her body is definitely goals I must admit. She has that hourglass type figure that is realistic and attainable. To help her followers out, she started creating home and gym workout plans that have since then evolved into her personal app called Work It With MG. She also has a Facebook support group page and Instagram page where fans and girls in the program can connect, ask each other questions, send encouragement and share their own personal progress. It’s a happy motivating place.
If you are looking to be that girl that has the perfect balance of definition and tone but also a little more at the same time, Stef is for you. I like following her because her videos and captions are always clear about each workout and how many reps to do. Her app Fit With Stef is another way to follow her routine and get similar results.
If you need constant proof that you can be in shape, toned and fit from home workouts, you should follow her ! She produces daily home workout videos full of quality content for every body part that you can think of. I know. Just when you thought you had an excuse, I got ya! Though her psychique and following of over 1.5 million should be enough to convince you to give it a try. She created the Brittne Babe 21 Day Challenge to kick start you on your fitness journey.
Kim has been my latest find but I am so glad I found her ! Her videos are direct and straight to the point. Let’s be honest, the girl is shredded ! Like throughout her entire body. If you’re focused on decreasing your body fat and really leaning out, I recommend Kim. She also has workout plans. I haven’t tried them personally but her workouts alone are killer but a good challenge does the body good. Her body transformation will inspire you and she’s a mom !

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