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What Is Self-Respect & Why Is It So Important?

September 10, 2019 in Confidence, The Tough Stuff - 4 min read

The sad truth is a lot of females struggle with self-respect because we are too used to putting others before ourselves. Can you blame us? It’s in our DNA. We’re nurturers by design but in most cases, that leaves us settling and unfulfilled in our own lives. Whether we know that we deserve better or not, it’s a cycle that is harder to get out of the more time we…

Sexting 101- How To Get Started, Enjoy It & Stay In Control

August 26, 2019 in Sex, The Tough Stuff - 5 min read

Does sexting make you uncomfortable? Girl, I can relate! Like most people, I was introduced to it during my high school teens with a guy I really liked (who later on ended up being my boyfriend). I talk about our relationship and how it helped me in my self-love journey more here but long story short, he helped me discover a new part of myself that helped me transition from…

How To Live In The Moment Without Ruining It

August 20, 2019 in Happiness, Anxiety and Depression, The Tough Stuff - 4 min read

Have you ever been so happy that you literally stop right in the moment and get this sudden feeling of dread that something bad is about to happen? Asking yourself if there’s something you missed? Making a mental checklist 100 mph of all the possibilities. They might have a term for ruining the moment by overthinking but nevertheless, I’ve experienced that countless times and the posts and memes that I…

My Top 10 Favorite Podcasts for Women Empowerment

August 15, 2019 in Confidence, Happiness, Anxiety and Depression, The Tough Stuff - 11 min read

When I find someone online who I connect with on an emotionally and/or mentally level, one of the first questions I ask is “do they have a podcast!?” I don’t know about you but I love finding women who are doing the damn thing! It’s so inspiring and motivates me to keeps going. Within the last few months, I have fallen in love with podcasts made by women, for women….

Having Confidence To Try Something New

August 7, 2019 in Confidence, The Tough Stuff - 5 min read

When it comes to trying something new, a lot of people think it only takes courage when it actually takes confidence as well. The biggest thing that stops most people from doing something they’ve never done before is fear of the unknown which makes sense. The second you leap into something you’ve never done before (because let’s be real, there’s no baby steps in this kind of situation), you’re letting…

7 Ways To Stop Wasting Your Time Dating The Wrong People

Have you ever met someone, start to like them so you invest your time and energy into dating them just for it to be wasted in the end? I know how frustrating that can be and through my own experience, I’ve learned the hard way why I used to ALWAYS end up in those situations. Time after time, I would meet someone new and as I’m getting to know them,…

Do Parent-Child Relationships Make Or Break You?

It’s a known fact that what you’ve gone through in the past contributes to who you are today. It shapes your perspective on life, relationships with others, and yourself -all foundations that make up a person. Even from birth and when we bring childhood trauma into the mix, that makes things even heavier. Childhood trauma can mean a lot of things. According to The National Child Traumatic Stress Network, trauma…

The Benefits Of Journaling Your Journey! (With 14 Journal Ideas To Start)

July 22, 2019 in Self-Care & Unwind, The Tough Stuff - 6 min read

I started journaling when I was in middle school but starting She 3.0 made me rediscover my passion for writing all over again. I mean I always knew it came naturally to me since I was younger. I thrived in anything writing based in school. I was that student that preferred writing an essay than taking a multiple choice test. While most of the the students struggled writing a essay…

If You Need A Sign, This Is It!- Why You Should Choose Progress Over Perfection

July 17, 2019 in Confidence, The Tough Stuff - 6 min read

In this age of social media, I think we can all agree that we always want to put our best foot forward because there’s always someone watching whether you like it or not. Even if you have one social media account, you’re still making yourself vulnerable to be judged. Before social media, there was less pressure but it still existed. You can’t escape regardless. Don’t get me wrong, social media…

How Can You Be There For A Friend In A Bad Relationship?

Doesn’t it hurt when you see someone you care about hurting? It hurts more when you can’t do anything to help them. It worse when they don’t want your help at all. I think we have all been through a time where we see someone in a bad relationship and no matter what we tell them, they stay in it. You feel hopeless. It drives you crazy watching them allow…

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About Me

Hi Empress! I show women the endless opportunities to be themselves by empowering them to embrace and grow from their shared experiences through vulnerability and community. I help you accept that you'll always be a work in progress and complete at the same time so you can take back power over your life and reach your full potential!


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