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Makeup Primer: Do You Really Need It?

March 21, 2019 in Beauty, Makeup - 4 min read
Long story short, I think that we all do. Primer helps create a barrier between your skin and the makeup to give you a nice base for the makeup to stick to and blend seamlessly. I know as an oily person, I can’t skip primer because I don’t want to all my hardwork to go down the drain after an hour or so when my natural oils begin to seep through. It just helps keep your makeup fresh throughout the day.
Here are my favorite primers that I’ve tried in my makeup obsessed life. They have also become the standards in the makeup industry for good reason too. I’ve bought every single one at least twice. Though I am oily, my nine year old trial and error experience with makeup has helped me see what kind of primers work for me and if not, what kind of skin type it would fit best.
Some keywords to look for if you have dry skin are: hydrating, moisturizing, dewy, satin. Some keywords to look for if you have oily skin is: mattifying and oil-control.
If you have normal/combination skin, you can pretty much try anything.
If you don’t know what your skin type is, I got you covered. Please read this to figure it out and then come back to this post.
In no particular order, here are my favorites primers for each skin type. Like I said, these are only the standards. About every day a makeup company or two are coming out with a new one. Feel free to try those are well. Like I said it’s trial and error. Everyone is different.
Each price stated is standard full size. Different retailers who carry the brand might carry the product in different sizes too. For example, Sephora might have a travel size while Ulta doesn’t. However, travel sizes are a great way to try out an item before you fully commit & don’t forget that you can get samples before you even buy in places like Sephora !
E.l.f. is known for being a very affordable drugstore beauty company that still keeps up the trends in the industry. They are always producing innovative products without raising the price of them which is a win-win in my book. I initially first bought this primer for my little sister, tried it, loved it and kept using it until I bought my own. I was so impressed because it has the traditional silicone texture of a primer and it actually works. They have a range of different ones specific to your skin type as well.
I would say this is my second favorite after e.l.f. This primer is its sister that workouts out everyday and can give you that extra security that makes your makeup last all day. This heavy duty texture is very tacky and works in your favor to really stick to your makeup while still controlling your oils.
I know, I know. You can’t ignore that price but like I said a sample or travel size works too so just give this a try. Its texture is not silicone like most but instead a more light and milky-like formula. I wouldn’t recommend using this primer for a just concealer day because it does make your face a bit white but it works.
Another line that comes in different skin types and even more reason to give it a try. Makeup Forever is really an artist based brand so you know their products are made with an understanding of skin and makeup.
If you want your face to look like butter, you need this primer ! Its velvet-like texture glides onto your skin which means that so will your foundation.
This is the Original Gangster in the makeup industry. The good thing about this line is that they have different primers for possibility every skin type so your makeup has an even better chance of looking good throughout the day.
If you’re a skincare junkie like me, your eyes have already narrowed into the worlds “banana” and “bright.” You’re insticed and probably know that there’s Vitamin C somewhere in there. With the craze of their Banana Eye Cream, Ole has caught on and just released a matching primer as a great transition from your skincare routine to your makeup routine. Vitamin C known for its brightening and glowy properties is great for a radiant, even skin tone. I swear by the eye cream and this primer is next on my shopping list.
If you have dry skin, hydration is key to prep your skin for makeup. By using a hydrating spray or oil, you’re giving that extra boost so your skin isn’t flaking and your foundation isn’t crumbling up.
Another OG that was known to create a hydrating face base for the day with or without makeup. It is a luxurious spin on your typical moisturizer and great for those special occasions when you only use this when it’s a night out or a great pick me up.
What are your favorite holy grail primers that have proven true to you over and over ?

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