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When’s The Last Time You Practiced Self-Care?

May 29, 2019 in Self-Care & Unwind, The Tough Stuff - 4 min read
In this day and age, it’s easy to get caught up in everything else but yourself. However, that usually results in you becoming more aware of your personal situation. You start examining it and feel self conscious about what you’re doing and/or should be doing. Then you get overwhelmed from the discouraging fact that you aren’t doing it and with all the other obligations you already have preventing you from getting there.
It’s a lot but realistic and understandable. It happens to everyone. That’s why it is crucial to practice self-care regularly to better take care of yourself inside AND out. No matter how hectic life can be, you should be setting aside one day or a few hours a week for you and only you. If you don’t make a conscious effort to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health, you’re jeopardizing your present and future. You won’t be at your best self and that means you won’t grow to your full potential because you’ll constantly be trying to play catch up in this cycle of life. No one can do self-care for you but you so make yourself a priority!
If you need a quick check-in with yourself to see how you’re doing in the self-care department, this bingo will do the job ! Play here. Save it, print it, bookmark it, pin it to have as a reference when things get tough.
If you need a quick check-in with yourself to see how you’re doing in the self-care department, this bingo will do the job ! Play here. Save it, print it, bookmark it, pin it to have as a reference when things get tough.
Here Are Some Signs You Need A Self-Care Day:
  1. You can’t focus.
  2. Have a breakdown. Or a few.
  3. Feel stuck.
  4. Don’t look your best and gave up putting in the effort to.
  5. You’re nonchalant about the things that matter.
  6. You’re projecting.
  7. Distancing yourself from loved ones.
  8. Always on the go.
  9. Don’t have a routine so you’re all over the place.
  10. Always tired and have low energy.
Here Are Ways To Practice Self-Care:
  1. Turn off your phone- it’s just noise and distractions. Whatever it is, it can wait.
  2. Take a long, warm bubble bath- this is the ultimate relaxation hack that’s cheap and you can do at home. Add some candles and a glass of wine and you’re living the dream
  3. Schedule a spa day- if you really want to be pampered without doing it yourself.
  4. Get your hair done- if you’re like me, you do your own hair 9/10 times. Giving yourself a break will make you feel relieved and brand new.
  5. Do your nails or get them done- they say your hands tell about how you’re doing more than you think.
  6. Do a skin mask- every single day, your face is bombarded with environmental elements. A mask is a great way to deep clean it pulling out all the impurities and give you a fresh start.
  7. Do a body scrub- your skin naturally sheds. A good body scrub will exfoliate all of that dead skin leaving your skin feeling so soft and moisturized. If you need a recommendation, check out my Beauty Favorites.
  8. Clean- it could be your room, your entire place or just doing laundry but “clean your space, clear your mind”
  9. Read for fun- not those heavy books but something that you thoroughly enjoy
  10. Netflix and chill- by yourself or with a friend or significant other. Binge Watch a show you’ve been meaning to watch and don’t feel bad about it
  11. Exercise- this is a great way to get your mind and body in sync and your body will thank you for it.
  12. Go on a staycation, weekend getaway, or solo vacation- sometimes you need to physically get away from the clutter to free yourself.
  13. Sleep in- you deserve it.
  14. Create a “no” list of the things that drain you and you are no longer allowing into your mental and physical space and stick to it !
  15. Follow up on medical care- when’s the last time you had a checkup? Maybe you’re feeling how you feel for a reason.
  16. Spend time with loved ones phone-free to cherish the moments you have together without the need to record or take pictures or scroll through social media or check emails.
  17. Do that thing- you know. That thing. I don’t know what it is for you personally but I know there’s that thing you’ve been procrastinating to do.
  18. Go shopping- treat yourself !
Like I said in my anxiety and panic attack post, being self aware is so important. You need to always be honest about how you feel, why you feel that way and what you are going to do about it. Don’t put things off because the longer you do, the more piled up it will be. Then the day will come where you have a breakdown so bad that it drains you out even more than you were before. Sound familiar? If you really feel deep in a hole of overwhelmness, please reach out to a loved one or a professional. You’re never alone.
In addition, this is when routines come into play. Routines help build structure in your life and with structure comes discipline and results. You want to be in control of your own life instead of walking around with such a heavy burden to bear because you’re trying to do everything at once. Give yourself some credit for making it this far but also give yourself a break to recharge. If you need help building structure, get my Organize Your Life Template.
What are some of your favorite self-care hacks? How often do you practice your self-care? Wishing you all the best.
With love,

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