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Spring Summer Fashion Trends For 2019

April 17, 2019 in Fashion, Trends - 4 min read
Everyone is always talking about the downsides of the world of social media and how it’s too easy to compare yourself to others. However, for creatives like me, I love it because I can see other creatives all over the world expressing themselves through their personal style, words, art, makeup, comedy and others.
I think we can all agree that the two biggest Instagram worlds right now are beauty and fashion. According to Instagram’s Business Blog, “more than half of Instagrammers globally use stories as well as feed on a daily basis” so it’s no surprise the magnitude of inspiration the app brings to people all over the world. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people get their fashion inspiration from Instagram instead of fashion magazines now. The article also mentions the importance of using both Instagram Stories and Feed to create, share and discover creativity while engaging with your audience in real time. Especially when it comes to communicating information on brand and products. It’s easier and faster than ever to make your opinions known, stay updated and relevant and drive influence.
And don’t get me started on the fast fashion world of Instagram. There’s new boutiques created everyday with most going the wholesale route. These retailers market themselves to having the most trendiest pieces of the season. Then ironically as a result, they all end up having similar items. It still shocks me how fast they can create product and have on their site for consumers to buy and as expected consumers eat that shit up. Recently Fashion Nova got into some heat with Kim Kardashian for constantly knocking off her designer outfits for their profit downplaying the time, energy and money these designers put into their pieces. Though designers have hopped on the Instagram bandwagon to build their social media presence, it’s still the fast fashion companies that get most of the cake because of their accessibility and price.
Whether you like it or not, the fashion world is changing and I believe it’s bittersweet. Being a girl who has been a loyal fashionista since middle school saving up all my change and allowance to buy the latest Seventeen, teenvogue and Glamour magazines, I know fashion is about expression and constant repurposing and ________. After some research on Instagram (fast and designer) and in these magazines, I have rounded up the spring and summer fashion trends for 2019.
In no particular order:


I know you’ve seen them. They are everywhere which is a good and bad thing. Good because they can find the trend both at the luxury designer level and affordable price range. Bad because you can’t get away from them. I lost count about how many I’ve seen and how long it’s been around but I can say it’s been a while so expect it to be around and to see many more.


Now activewear comes in handy no matter where you are in life. It’s perfect to run errands in, to just throw something in in the house and of course working out. Another plus is that you can dress them up for a sexy, chic edge.
-Joggers are great because they have a silhouette that is flattering on practically everyone. The fitted ankle makes it easier to pair with trainers, your dad sneakers or a sexy bootie.
-Tracksuits are when you fully wanna commit to a comfortable outfit but still look put together at the same time. You can’t go wrong with this ! And don’t worry about being too matchy matchy because that’s the whole point.

Matching Sets

These are perfect when you don’t have any idea what to wear. Like tracksuits, two piece suits are a no brainer and perfect for a night out or when you want to look more put together than . Unlike tracksuits, these do not guarantee you comfortability. However, I doubt that’s what you’re going for since most two piece sets are a top that’s a bit cropped anyways with a bottom either being a short skirt or pants. However, an advantage of a two piece set is the opportunity to mix it up the next time you wear it making it a completely new outfit all together. You definitely get the bang for your buck whether it’s affordable or a bit more cash.

Saturated Colors/Neon

You can’t miss seeing them on Instagram and definitely gets you in the mood for spring. The most common color I see is the slime green and fluorescent oranges.

Cinched Tailoring

Giving a feminine touch to any style that you would typically categorize as menswear. It’s a spin on the tuxedo silhouette we’ve been seeing and it’s much more flattering on the female form.

Cycling Shorts

Another Instagram fave and yup they’re still here but the versatility is endless. You can wear them to work out or throw on a sweater for a casual day or combine the cinched tailoring trend with a blazer for a more put together look.


When I think of this trend, I see trousers that are a bit oversized

Ruched Dresses

More forgiving and romantic than bodycon, this gives a more flirty silhouette.

Animal Print

This honestly never goes out of style.
What are you favorite trends of the season? Do you agree that Instagram is starting to have more fashion influence than the designers we grew up coveting ? Why or why not ?

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