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13 Dates To Take Yourself Out On

September 17, 2019 in Self-Care & Unwind, The Tough Stuff - 4 min read
Why wait for someone to take you out on a date when you can take yourself out on a date? It’s self-care. It’s relaxing, convenient and empowering all in one. You don’t have to worry about someone flaking on you, deciding on a place you both want to go, if your energies match, bad table manners or the awkward moment of silence when the bill comes.
Yes it all sounds amazing but still, not too many people take themselves out on dates. You should always be dating yourself and making it a priority before you date anyone else. Give yourself the same amount, if not the best of all the love, appreciation and time you would give someone else. Yes life gets busy but you have to make time for yourself. If you read my post about the signs that you need a self-care day, you’ll agree.
Another excuse most people have is that they feel weird doing it. Whether it be worrying about what other people think or being uncomfortable in your own company, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the date if you’re worried about either one of those.
Taking yourself out on a date is a level up from doing your typical self-care. If you don’t do that regularly, this would be a great way to add self-care in your schedule, once a week or biweekly. This is your selfish time and don’t feel guilty about it either!
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Here are 13 Dates To Take Yourself On

1. Take yourself out to eat. Whether it be for lunch or dinner, you make the rules. Want more than one glass of wine? Okay. Want to try more than one kind of wine? Okay. Want a full course meal? Okay. Judgement free zone here.
2. Go to the movies. Go see that movie you always wanted to see but none of your friends or family cared about. Plus you’ll be the dark so no worries of looking like the sore thumb in the crowd.
3. Go out for ice cream. You don’t need to sit down at the spot to eat it. Go on a walk as you indulge in your treat.
4. Have a picnic. Pack a basket of your favorite snack, meal, drink and dessert, go to the park, lay your blanket down and enjoy yourself girl. You can even bring a good read or play some music. Get in the zone!
5. A staycation. Book a night or even a weekend at a hotel where you are away from home and can really relax. Order room service. Go to the spa. Lounge at the pool. Treat yourself.
6. A romantic homemade dinner. Try a recipe that’s outside your comfort zone and set up the room with candles, wine and good music
7. Have a photoshoot. Pick a theme, do your makeup, set up your camera (it can be your phone camera, webcam or even dslr) and have the time of your life posing away. Choose your favorite shot and get it printed. You always have to be your number one fan!
8. Go on a tour. How many of us have never gone to the tourist attractions of our own city/town? I know I definitely don’t do it enough so book one. The itinerary is already made so you don’t have to worry and can really enjoy your day.
9. Attend an art class. Discover the artist within! Whether it be painting, sculpting, photography or any other that I can’t think of. Challenge yourself. It may be your new favorite hobby.
10. Dance class. Dance the stress away! This puts you in the mood to move your body in a fun way. Everyone is there to learn and have fun so let loose and get moving!
11. Go to a cooking/baking class. Learn the tips and tricks of a new recipe from an expert. Who knows? It may end up being your favorite dish ever. Plus you can show out at the next potluck or dinner at your place.
12. Attend an open mic or improv night. You’ll be too busy laughing to think about being alone. It’s always a good time! It may even inspire you!
13. Go to a concert. Your favorite singer/band is going on tour and you’ve been eyeing the dates for some time. It’s take to purchase that ticket! You know you’ll have a great time and its guaranteed that you’ll have someone right next to you singing their heart out too!
I hope this encourages you to treat yourself more by practicing self-care and reminding yourself that you are worth it! I would love to know how how it goes!
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