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10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Have

April 16, 2019 in Fashion, Personal Style - 6 min read
No matter what your style or budget is, everyone needs these basics in their wardrobe to put together any outfit. Once you have these, getting dressed is so much easier and feels less like a chore and more fun.
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I know. You’re probably like duah but you would be surprised how many women don’t have a top like this in their wardrobe. It’s easy to find a t-shirt at any store but it’s harder to find one that is flattering and gives you a shape. Yeah you can tie and knot it to help you out but who wants to depend on that ?
Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee are the way to go. They fit well and most importantly, the v-neck is at the right place so you don’t have to worry about it showing off too much and especially your bra. They come in so many colors and they’re affordable. I bought mine in bulk and still wear them weekly. One thing I will say is because they are so soft, I would hand wash or machine wash them but hang to dry. Putting it in the dryer will disrupt the fabric and may cause tears and holes.


We all know how time consuming and overwhelming it can be to find the perfect pair of jeans. Between the countless washes and styles out right now, it’s easier to just quit while you’re ahead to save you a headache. Spending two years working at Nordstrom in their tbd department where we carry the majority of the women’s denim, I can tell you that it’s worth it. I can’t tell you how rewarding it was to help other women find that “the one.” Like that pair with best the fit, style and wash for you after spending the time trying on all the no’s in the dressing room. No matter if it’s a new pair or a pair that you’ve had for years that has never failed you, every girl needs “the one” for her in her closet.
I recommend Good American because they are size inclusive and always coming out with new styles. They make their denim with the consumer in mind. The material is stretchy but has great recovery. The sizes are a bit tricky at first but a good tip I learned at Nordstrom is adding 21 to your pants size and start from there. So if I typically wear a 6 in pants, I’ll start at 27 and go from there. It’s also helpful to look at the tag inside because it will have the conversion (in my case 6/27 or something along those lines). If you’re still unsure about your size, you can look at the size guide.
If you’re petite and always have to worry about getting things tailored or on the tall side and need an extra inch or two, this is a one stop shop. There’s tall, petite and crop. The two main styles are Good Legs and Good Waist. They have subtle differences but to sum it up, Good Waist has a bit higher inseam so it’s more high waisted than Good Legs. It is also designed to have “corset-slimming elasticity and a gap-proof contoured waistband” hence the name. Good Legs on the other hand have a “contoured waistband and advanced stretch recovery.” Regardless of your body shape and your personal style, you’ll find one for you with this brand.


I am so happy that bodysuits are around. They make getting dressed so effortless and can be worn with basically anything. Personally I prefer a snap close than a standard where there’s no opening at all but every girl needs a neutral color one that she feels comfortable in. A go to when she’s in a rut about what to wear. After that, throw on your perfect bottoms and you’re more than ready.
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This one should be a no brainer. Everyone needs a great leather jacket that fits to wear for any occasion. It’s up to you if you want it fitted or a bit oversized but make sure you have enough room to wear something underneath. My ideal leather jacket is one that I can wear year round like over sweaters in the cold and over mini dresses in the summer. I would recommend going with the standard style and a black one since it will go with anything and elevate any look.
I have a BLANKNYC jacket I bought from Nordstrom that is good quality. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth from it and it still hasn’t fallen apart or started to peel. They make them in leather and suede and in multiple colors. I recommend going a size up.


Don’t want something as heavy as a leather jacket but still need a layering piece ? A denim jacket is the way to go. It’s light and gives an outfit a more casual vibe. I would suggest going a bit oversized for a relaxed feel. Some of my favorite brands for denim jackets are Levi’s, Madewell, Forever21 and Topshop.
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Everyone needs a little black dress. It works for a night out or when you don’t even know where to start. They come in many different styles- one shoulder, off the shoulder, halter, mini straps, shift, a-line, skater, etc. You can find them anywhere. If you’re looking for some websites to shop at, check out “Affordable Websites To Shop For Clothes.”


I’m putting these together because they’re connected but it really depends on your style. Coming from a place where I buy most of my clothes myself on a budget, I learned over the years that if you have these three, you can make any outfit work. Take a look at my post, Heels 101 where I talk about all the type of heels if you need a refresher or some inspo to switch it up.


Yup. It’s a necessity. Especially if you’re a bag lady like me. I can’t help it. I get so paranoid about the countless perdictiments I can end up in where I need something that I didn’t bring with me. A girl’s gotta be prepared and come correct ! One thing I would say is to invest in a good quality shoulder bag because over time, wear and tear won’t make a cheap bag last. I’ve gone through my share of shoulder bags over the years and currently looking into investing in a better one myself. I have my eyes on these two !
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Whether it be a simple necklace or bracelet or your favorite pair of earrings, jewelry is a great addition to any outfit. Feel like your outfit is ehhh and needs something more ? Add jewelry. Feel like going crazy and making a statement ? Add a statement necklace or layer simple ones on top of each other to look like you put in the effort when you really didn’t.
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Whether you use them for sun protection or just an accessory, it’s a good accessory to have. With sunglasses being more trendy now, it’s easy to find a style that fits your face and your budget. The famous Quay Australia brand is on everyone’s radar for good reason. They are always collaborating with brands and influencers to bring you the hottest styles of the season like the Quay X Desi Perkin Saharas.
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Or if you’re a classic style kind of girl, you can get some Ray-Bans.


I hope this trend doesn’t go away anytime soon because it’s so practical. It’s like having a hands/arms-free bag that is so conveniently placed. I love them. They come in all sizes, colors and patterns and great for summer when you’re on the go and having fun and don’t want to commit to holding anything. It’s perfect for festival season when things can get hectic and you don’t have to worry about losing something or worse, someone getting into it. I have this one and love it. The compartments make me feel like I won’t forget anything and it goes with everything.
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So that’s it. So get to updating that wardrobe girl so you can slay the spring and summer !

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