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What Is Your Skin Type ?

March 21, 2019 in Beauty, Skincare - 2 min read
The start to clear skin and flawless makeup is having a great skin care routine. And having a good skin care routine starts with knowing your skin type in the first place. In this age of social media and sharing, it’s easy to get caught up and become a product junkie because Sue uses this and looks great and Sherry uses that and never has a pimple and Sarah uses these two products together and swears that you can’t use one without the other.
It’s crazy but so relatable. Being in love with the beauty industry myself from middle school, I went through the ups and downs, trails and error and downright regrets when it came to trying new things and I learned two big lessons:
1) I can’t just follow what someone is doing because they look good. Even if they look like me and/or swear by something, I’m me. My chemical makeup and genetics combination is too unique to just take someone’s advice on the internet word for word and
2) the simpler, the better: I don’t need to have so many steps and products to my routine to look my best. Most of the time my skin was crying instead of smiling.
Here’s some simple ways that you can find out what your skin type is. Then you can create your own routine that benefits it.
When you wake up, is your skin oily, normal, or dry ?
After you wash your face, is your skin oily, normal or dry?
About 2-3 hours after you wash your face, is your skin oily, normal or dry?
Even with drinking water regularly, is your skin oily, normal or dry?
You should see a common trend with the answers to these questions.
If you answered oily for 3 or 4 out of the questions, you have oily skin.
If you answered normal for 3 or 4 of the questions, you lucky girl. You have normal skin.
If you answered dry for 3 out of the 4 questions, you have dry skin.
If you answered 2 of the questions with one and the other 2 with another, you probably have combination skin.
Lastly, it is important to note that you can have either one of these skin types and still have sensitive skin or vice versa. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Same with acne-prone skin. Most people say that oily skin is more prone to breakouts because of your pores being clogged and thus resulting in oily skin but I’ve had oily skin my entire life and only get a pimple or two a month because of my period. Skin is personal but I hope this helps and gave you some clarity on what your skin type is. Check out The 4 Steps Everyone Needs In Their Skincare Routine if you need some guidance about building a routine.

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